Manor of Hope Parent Testimonials

Read a transcript of this parent’s testimonial here

Read a transcript of this parent’s testimonial here

Read a transcript of this parent’s testimonial here

Read a transcript of this parent’s testimonial here

Part two

“If you are reading this and wondering if it is true, I can promise you it is!
They saved my son’s life when no other program worked.
They deeply care for each man and their individual recovery journey.
Call them! You will never be sorry!”

– Julie Mrozek


Thank you again for everything that you are doing for our son. You are a very special person to devote your life to helping these troubled young men and my life is so much better for knowing you. God bless you!

– Victoria

parents weekend at the Manor of Hope
Father's Day breakfast at the Manor of Hope

There is not enough we can say about the Manor of Hope, this program has given us our son back. Unlike rehab centers, the Manor is a home, it is a family, it is a group of talented young men finding their way back to healthy sober living. You come into the house alone, but you are quickly surrounded by a band of brothers supporting and lifting each other up …

Steve, your tireless desire to help our boys/men is heaven sent. THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough. Matt, Jose, John, you guys are truly dedicated to the health and well being of the house. You are Amazing. Sam, Linda and everyone else who participates with the Manor, we can not thank you enough… Laurie, thank you for being the Mama bear of the House.
We highly recommend the Manor of Hope.
-Coleen L.

Manor of Hope has been a true blessing.  One positive change that we have seen is that Ben is much more accepting of authority and the leadership of others.  He is more yielding, open, and teachable.

Ben now has a vision for his future, unlike anything he has had in years.

He also is developing a willingness to work hard to make it happen.  He also loves living in community with all of the guys, and forming healthy friendships with them.  He is really grateful and enjoys living at the Manor of Hope.  Believe it or not, he really likes the schedule and is adjusting well to it.  He likes and is thriving under the leadership of Steve, Matt, Jose, and John.  Barbering has given him a way to overcome his former negative circumstances.  He loves his job!

The meals, activities, support. and occasional fun have made Manor of Hope a special place for our son.

-William E.

I have no idea where my son would be were it not for Manor of Hope.  He had been to two other rehab centers for help before we looked for help at the Manor.

The difference in our experience at Manor of Hope has been completely different than our previous experiences.  Our son has “softened” his attitude, listens to input about his care and progress, is holding a job and has been sober for a year and two months.

Steve and his team sincerely care about the men at the Manor.  They take the time to get to know them personally and take an interest in each individual journey.

At the Manor, they also take an interest in the family.  They recognize that addiction affects more than just the individual, it affects the whole family.  Phone calls, email, texts, get togethers are all regular occurrences.  They understand and try to facilitate healing the damage done by addiction.

For the first time, we are hopeful. 

We know this is going to be a very long ongoing process. But, we feel confident our son is getting the best care available.  We would absolutely recommend Manor of Hope to all who are looking for top notch, individual centered, care.

– Julia M.


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