andrew deery notes from the kitchenOur culinary explorations took us to Thailand today, to examine the healthful ingredients and complex flavors that contribute to a new house favorite, Thai food.

The cuisine is refined in its simplicity, making use of a few ingredients that combine naturally together, to yield remarkable results.  Galangal (ginger), lemongrass, lime leaf, fish sauce, coriander, and chilis seasoned our dish of Grilled Beef Satay with Red Curry.  Coconut milk, green curry, and fresh vegetables provided a base for our second recipe of Green Curry Shrimp.  This delicious and spicy dish came together in under 10 minutes, demonstrating that wholesome, nutritious meals are within our reach.

Unraveling the unfamiliar and exploring new territory can lead us to interesting places, and I am so pleased that we have the open-minds and enthusiasm of our residents to work with as they continue to learn and grow. – Andrew Deery