It was all brotherhood and battling as the Manor of Hope crew took to the fields of Skirmish Paintball this weekend.   Over a marathon day the team experienced countless moments of victory, defeat, and excitement.  Often finding themselves outnumbered and outgunned by the Skirmish regulars, we relied on teamwork and hustle to get the job done.  
Parker, who was experiencing his first day ever on a paintball field, demonstrated the highest level of sacrifice for the team’s benefit  In a “flag domination” match Parker charged full steam ahead under heavy fire to grab the prize.  His actions led to a win for the round (and a few extra bruises for himself).  Tristen, Steve, and Jesse each had their own proud moments throughout the many scenarios.
As the day closed the crew received a shout-out from the Skirmish staff.   One referee told that group that very few who come out to play can physically handle a full day with the level of gusto shown by them.  It was agreed that this was a testament to the nutrition and exercise regimen that we have committed to.  During the long ride back to the Manor the group laughed as we recapped stories from the day.  It was clear that a memorable time was had by all.