The Manor of Hope community understands that the practice of gratitude is the backbone of recovery. 

Recognizing the gifts, big and small, that we receive everyday keeps us moving towards a better life.  Despite its importance, all people are susceptible to miss out on daily moments of gratitude. We can be too busy, too negative, too anxious or too angry to reflect and see how beautiful each moment really is. 

With the intention of fueling their practice of gratitude, the guys spent a week at a beautiful cabin in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.  

Each day in the mountains was filled with wonderful activities!  The property provided every opportunity for adventure and fun, including a private pond for fishing and kayaking, acres of land to explore, ample parlor games, space for reflection and perfect spots for star-gazing.  Not far from the cabin everyone enjoyed boating on Lake Wallenpaupack, a trip to Kalahari waterpark, and a chance to spend time with the local 12-step fellowship.  

Guys also had the chance to show off their talents.  James and Sam helped rookie fisherman catch their first bass and Trevor demonstrated how to outlast the competition in tubing.  At night Scott taught us about stars and constellations.  

A house meeting around a campfire ended the trip.  Everyone shared appreciations and realizations from the week.

Each of us wrote a gratitude journal entry inspired by the trip.  Below are a few words from the week: 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the Pocono trip clean and remember that I know how to enjoy life clean and sober.”

“I really enjoyed the serene environment, the isolation and the silence”

“Good people (friends), good conversation, good food”

“I am grateful for clear nights”

“Today I am grateful for this community as a whole.  We have all really come a long way as a group. Everyone is vibing well.”

“Feeling excited to wake up each morning and see what the day will be like.”

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