Physical activity, including competitive sports, is an important part of the Manor of Hope program.

perkiomen valley softball league

Two standing traditions within the Manor of Hope community are playing pickup basketball games at the YMCA and fielding a softball team in the Phoenixville league.   Sports help to foster self-confidence and self-efficacy while also building strong connections.  Those qualities are essential for both those currently in recovery and for the youth who wish to avoid the pain that addiction can cause.

kensington soccer clubThis past Saturday the Manor community supported two organizations who are engaging youth in positive ways through sports.  Under absolutely perfect, sunny skies the Manor participated in an all-day softball tournament benefitting the Perkiomen Valley Baseball Program.   It was a good warm-up for the approaching season while also helping make the event a success.  Shout out to one of our guy’s father who had to step  in unexpectedly to fill a hole in right field!

Before that event Dan, one of our recent graduates, headed down to volunteer with Kensington Soccer Club.  The Kensington Soccer Club offers the youth of Kensington the chance to participate in organized sports whether or not the family is in position to afford it.  It is a wonderful organization that Dan and others in our community will continue to volunteer with throughout the summer.

To check out what they do and lend some support go to