Our staff includes two incredible chefs who are there every day to provide our residents with nutritious and delicious meals!

But this past Sunday, chef Sam Walters took a break and let residents, Ryan and Patrick make dinner for everyone at the Manor of Hope. Sam has come up with a great idea: “Sunday Dinner” guest chef night. Every Sunday night moving forward, 2 of our guys will be guest chefs and come up with a menu, do all the preparation, cooking, and serve our residents and staff a home-cooked meal.

Chicken Parmesan was on the menu for Mother’s Day and Ryan and Patrick amazed everyone with their expertise in the kitchen. They served a delicious meal for all.

As always we are so proud of our guys, and for all they’ve accomplished during these crazy times. It’s been difficult for the past few months but everyone has lent a hand, followed COVID 19 protocol, and made the best out of a hard time.

Looking forward to what’s on the menu next Sunday!