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The Manor of Hope community recently built a new partnership with a non profit in North Philadelphia that is at the forefront of fighting hunger in our region.

Since its founding in 1974, Caring For Friends has provided over 15 million meals to those it serves.  Recently their leadership made plans to expand its impact through capital and technology improvements and reached out to the Manor of Hope to help in this initiative.

The guys were able to assist in building hundreds of feet of new industrial racks, allowing for the handling of more donations from corporate partners.  Other Manor of Hope community members used their knowledge of IT and computers to help build out the recored keeping capacity as well as setup computers for community use.

These exciting projects are an opportunity to leave a legacy that will help individuals and families for years to come!

The Manor of Hope community will be excited to return to Friends For Caring in the future to help the cause in any way they can.

Visit caringforfriends.org more information about the organization and volunteer opportunities