The Manor of Hope guys build a Zen Garden on the grounds at the Manor.

The Manor of Hope sits on a serene plot of land with woods on one side, where everyone agreed, would be the perfect spot for meditation and reflection. All of the guys had a hand in helping clear the area where the zen garden was to be built using a backhoe, chainsaws, and muscles!

Going from a sketch on a small piece of paper and designed by a true master, our guys helped to bring this vision into reality! The traditional Torri Gate signifies the transition from mundane to sacred. The rock represents water or emptiness and distance. The guys spread moss around the peripheral and brought the drawing to life.

This garden will serve as a place of peace for countless future young men to reflect on their journey to recovery. Each young man participating in this project will have their name on a plaque thanking them for their commitment and a job well done.

These guys did an amazing job and the sense of accomplishment they feel helps foster pride and purpose. All part of the programming we provide at Manor of Hope. 

The Manor of Hope has been fortunate to have renowned chef Andrew Deery to join the leadership team. Andrew has structured a new Agricultural Enrichment Program and says, “The experience is one that will help to strengthen our community, build an educational experience, and provide us with fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables which will be used to feed our home.” – Andrew Deery, Executive Chef