Manor of Hope is Changing the Lives of Young Men Battling Addiction

In this video, Tristan talks about how Manor of Hope is different from rehab and transition houses. He shares his story of addiction and recovery and talks about his experience with the staff and other residents in this addiction support program. “If you want recovery, you can find it here at the Manor of Hope.”

Read what tristan says in his video:

“I started using drugs and alcohol when I was about 13 years old. I would drink with my friends and I pretty much started smoking pot on a regular basis then, and yeah, so it was pretty much pot and alcohol until I was around like 16 or 17 and then things got more serious.

I started  dabbling like it was the 60’s. Generally experimenting with acid and Xanax. It was still mostly just drinking and smoking weed but there were little bits –  little experiments here and there – and it led to heavier and more frequent hard drug use. Later on I overdosed one time.

I’d been to treatment four times in a year, all in the same year, and finally I didn’t get really any clean time until I came to the Manor of Hope.  I didn’t really want to do a year long program at first but I kind of got into it when I saw that my life was getting better and  just needed something different, something that wasn’t a recovery house, because I tried that a couple times and it just wasn’t working.

I think that if you want recovery you can find it here at the Manor of Hope.

Manor of Hope, I wouldn’t even call it a recovery house, it’s more of just like a transition into life. The community is much closer, we all go to the gym together, we do things on a schedule which is nice. We stay really busy! Whereas in a recovery house, it’s just a bed you sleep in.

I think the staff here (at the Manor of Hope) – all the staff here are really wonderful people, like Steve, his son, John, Matthew, Jose, all of them just like you know they care, you know that they care when they’re talking to you and they want the best for you.

The Manor of Hope is great for people who have tried rehab or recovery houses and it’s not working. If you keep trying the same thing over and over again I think it’s time to give something else a shot and I think that this gives you opportunity to do that. It’s not like you’re walking into a program that’s been designed by one man, we use principles given by AA. 

I think that if you want recovery you can find it here at the Manor of Hope.”