A parent of a resident at the Manor of Hope talks about her experience

Victoria, a parent of one of the residents at the Manor of Hope share’s her experience with the program. She sits down to talk about his battle with addiction, and why staying at the Manor makes her feel like he’s going to have a great future.

From the video:

“What I like most about the Manor of Hope is that when Tristan first got there it was the safety and security – his well-being. It’s gone through stages for me… I was able to sleep again not worrying or wondering what he was doing because I trusted the staff. I trusted Steve (Steve Killelea, Manor of Hope’s founder) and I had an open honest relationship with him. We talked often about the progress and I started believing that there is hope and that Tristan will have a future.”

“Now he is back in school, he’s back in college, he has a full-time job which he takes a lot of pride in and things are definitely on the right track again.”

“One thing that gave me peace of mind while Tristan was at the Manor of Hope had to do with the weekly updates that we were receiving. We also knew that Tristan would be held accountable, it wasn’t like some of the other houses. At the Manor of Hope he was given goals and they spent a lot of time with him going through what he would be accomplishing and he would be held accountable at the end of each week to accomplish those things which gave him self confidence that he could do things and achieve things and that was the start of him becoming comfortable with not doing drugs.”

He’s going to have a great future because of the Manor of Hope

“I think Steve and I had an open conversation very often about the good and the bad. I mean we talked through everything and talked through treatment plans and we changed things, it was really based on what Tristan needed. I’ve been surprised since he’s gotten here by some of the comments that his employer and Steve and John and some of the managers, have called him hard-working, dedicated, loyal, committed; words that I haven’t heard about my son in many many years.”

“We’re very proud of him and I’m proud that he’s back in school and that he’s going to have a great future because of the Manor of Hope.”

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