A parent of a resident at the Manor of Hope talks about her experience

Victoria, a parent of one of the residents at the Manor of Hope share’s her experience with the program. She sits down to talk about how her son started to abuse drugs and how, after putting him in several rehabs with no luck, she found the Manor of Hope, which she feels has saved his life.

From the video:

“Our relationship with our son changed drastically. When he started using drugs, I would say I didn’t even have a relationship with him. Everything was a lie, a manipulation, we really didn’t know what was going on. We knew something was going on but we couldn’t put our finger on it and I look back over the experience and it seems quite silly to not have been able to figure it out but we really did not know what was going on until we started searching his stuff and searching his room and found drugs. At that point, there was no relationship. There was no trust, and we just lost all hope.”

“What attracted us to bring our son Tristan to the Manor of Hope was we were feeling like we were out of options. We got to the end of several different times in rehab and nothing seemed to be working and the Manor of Hope’s program seemed like it would be perfect for exactly the situation that we were in. I think bringing my child to the Manor of Hope was the only decision – it was absolutely the right decision and I feel like if we hadn’t done this I don’t know if my son would still be here.”

Bringing my child to the Manor of Hope was the  right decision

“I would absolutely recommend the Manor of Hope to anybody that has a child in that type of position. A regular facility or 30-day facility is not going to work. I think you need more and you need to do it soon because it just gets worse from here. In the past 14 months we’ve seen Tristan grow into a man. He’s 20 years old now and I think when he got here he was a child.”

“Now it’s such a nice experience to watch him have realistic conversations and a total transformation! I haven’t ever experienced a relationship with him like this, because I think when he started going the other direction he was so young that we never got to experience our son as a young man.”