Prevention Point PhiladelphiaThe Manor of Hope guys traveled to the Kensington area of Philadelphia last week to learn more about the services being offered to those suffering from addiction and homelessness.

Kensington and its surrounding neighborhoods are known to be one of the most drug-saturated regions of the country.  The area, unfortunately, attracts drug users from outside cities and states, bringing crime and despair along.
Some of the members of our therapeutic community had, in the past, traveled to Kensington for the purpose of buying and using drugs.
It can be a powerful action for those residents to now return to that area with a new intention of being in service to others.  
The group visited Prevention Point, a social service agency with the mission of promoting health, empowerment, and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty.  Prevention Point staff and volunteers are on the front lines in the fight for relief from the drug epidemic.  It provides support, medical services, advocacy, outreach, housing, and a drop-in center.  Clients of Prevention Point are quick to say that it truly saves lives and brings people up from their lowest point.
Our guys will continue to bring supplies such as water and food to Prevention Point and other agencies throughout the spring and summer.