Manor of Hope Weekend Adventure: Phoenixville Canal Day

The 35th annual Canal Day celebration in Phoenixville, PA took place on June 25th at Lock 60 in St. Michael’s Park. This celebrated event included food, music, games, crafts and competitive activities. Manor of Hope residents chose to play Can-Jam frisbee and Parker took honors exhibiting his superior frisbee skills.

After this heated event, we took time to listen to a minstrel sing songs and tell stories about the canal. We witnessed the opening of the canal shortly before we joined in the world renowned Canal Joust. Max, Parker and Triston were up for the challenge. Triston took on a formidable opponent and put up a great fight, but sadly lost his match.

Max and Parker faced off; Parker had the advantage and won the match. Parker went into the second round with amazing confidence. Despite his best efforts though, he lost his second match to another, more seasoned jousting opponent.

It was a beautiful day on the river!!