Battles and Paddles

The guys took full advantage of the dam release on the Lehigh River with a day of white water rafting and paintball.

Hosted by Skirmish, Battles and Paddles is a chance to navigate a swift moving river and then try to stay alive during Castle nights.  The river was rolling faster than ever and the feeling was pure exhilaration.  The day was made even more greater with perfect weather and the gorge covered in autumn colored leaves.

The crew split up into two boats with Triston, Brian, Elliott and John in one and Matthew, Max, Jesse, Doug and Parker in the other (Though some switching had to be done after Doug intentionally threw Matthew overboard). The rafting proved to be a great team building as staying in the boat required working together to keep the bow pointing in the right direction.

After getting dry and some much needed nourishment the guys headed to the second activity of the day, Castle Nights paintball. 
As members of the blue team the crew joined in an all out war between Skirmish’s two castle fields.  The blue team had the upper hand from the get go, pinning the opposing team back at their own base.  Over the next few hours the guys racked up hit after hit while taking a few bruises themselves.

Afterwards they shared stories of conquest including Max conveniently being mistaken for an opposing team member, Matthew storming the castle and gaining a prize, Triston expertly sniping the enemy and many others.  The night ended with some Chick-Fil-A to celebrate.