Westchester County NY Drug & Alcohol Rehab Support Treatment Program for Young Men

“We are committed to creating a world class facility that will change our current views of what effective recovery programs look like in the U.S.”

We believe that successful, addiction treatment must incorporate 3 essential components

1 - Find the cause of the root addiction

Find the root cause of the addiction

Allow time for healing

Allow time for healing

Lifestyle change through learning

Lifestyle change through learning

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Manor of Hope is a long term drug & alcohol rehab support program serving New York and Westchester County.

pain medicationIn New York City, annual drug-related deaths have risen 45% over the past 6 years, but have spiked to a whopping 84% in large upstate counties, located outside the city. Westchester County has seen drug deaths rise 129%.

Opiates are quickly invading New York’s upscale suburbs. The New York State Health Department recorded 924 heroin overdose deaths in 2009. Five years later that number had risen to 1,443 overdose deaths as of 2014, which is the most recent data they have available. Opioid addiction in the US has hit epidemic proportions and one can only assume that New York’s overdose death rate has risen immeasurably from numbers recorded 3 years ago.

Westchester county has been hit particularly hard and heroin use is escalating in wealthy suburbs like Harrison, Scarsdale and Larchmont. The rate of drug-related deaths in Westchester increased from 5.4 per 100,000 people in 2010 to 12 per 100,000 people in 2015.

And a new report says men died of drug overdoses or chronic drug abuse at more than twice the rate of women in New York, and white people died at a higher rate than black and Hispanic people in New York state.

The Manor of Hope offers a unique program to help young men battle the disease of addiction. Just a short drive from Westchester county, our exclusive program helps a small amount of young men battle the diseases of opioid addiction, heroin addiction, fentanyl addiction, prescription drug addiction and alcoholism. The Manor is a beautifully restored farmhouse which offers residents luxurious accommodations and 24/7 monitoring.

Traditional drug rehabs / detox programs are the first step in combating what has become an epidemic in America’s towns and communities. But unfortunately we’ve seen time and time again, that long lasting results are lacking in the present system. Rehabilitation facilities and halfway houses don’t offer a long-term solution to a disease that requires extensive time and therapy. The Manor of Hope nurtures its residents and provides a therapeutic community for long-term recovery and a chance at learning life-long skills and trades.

Our people set us apart. We are passionate, experienced and dedicated to transforming the young men who stay at our post-detox facility into healthy, happy and addiction-free members of the community.

Manor highlights:

  • On-site world-class chef preparing healthy meals
  • Beautiful campus located adjacent to Valley Forge National Park
  • 24/7 on-site staff & support team
  • Laundry facilities, computer room, media room, workout facilities
  • Comfortable and clean surroundings

Our program focuses on helping young men with substance abuse & addiction issues including :

Opioids, (heroin, morphine, fentanyl, prescription painkillers), benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol addiction.  Our post-detox addiction program focuses on long term recovery.  Our approach to addiction recovery is participatory, group-based and one that improves the likelihood of a long-term recovery.

Our Building Futures Program is a crucial element to ensuring the long term success of Manor of Hope residents. We match our residents with vetted small businesses throughout the surrounding Philadelphia area. In this apprenticeship program residents receive vocational and educational training and secure job skills that will last a lifetime. Find out more about our Building Futures Program.

We offer:

  • Post-detox support
  • Clinical services
  • Vocational & educational training
  • Life skills
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“My son John struggled with heroin addiction for over 10 years. We’ve made it our mission to help others find long-lasting recovery for addiction.  If you have any questions at all, please call me directly. “ – Steve Killelea, Founder of the Manor of Hope

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We treat young men needing addiction support from Long Island New York