After a week of intense heat, this weekend greeted us with perfect weather, warm temperature and low humidity.
The manor of Hope guys wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, so everyone was up early on Sunday. After completing the morning chores, the gang headed out to the gym for a good morning workout.  Then, after that, everyone had a snack and headed out to one of our favorite spots: Marsh Creek lake.

Many others had the same idea of enjoying the perfect weather as the park was packed.

As soon as we found a parking spot we headed out to the lake and decided on water activities. Some of the guys wanted to take a relaxing paddle on kayaks, other guys decided for a core workout with paddle boards. And a the more daring ones decided on wind surfers.  The guys spent about two hours out in the lake, kayaking, paddling and windsurfing.

It was simply a perfect day to be outside. 

After spending several hours at the lake the guys headed back to the manor for dinner and a quiet evening.

Brian in a canoeelliot at marsh creek park