day to day in an addiction support program

Every day a Therapeutic Community provides structure for its residents.

This develops a pattern of structure that recovering addicts may have lost during their addiction. Self-discipline and motivation are goals in the path towards sobriety.

In a therapeutic community, each and every day is filled with house chores, meetings, therapy and group sessions, education, healthy meals, exercise, activities, job training/work, and more.

Each resident is part of the greater whole and as they live together, bonds, friendships, and learning from peers and faculty help create structure in their own lives. You can get a great idea of some of the activities that the Manor of Hope offers by viewing our “Life at the Manor” blog. 

A parent of one of our residents recently shared a testimonial about his son and how he has adapted and is thriving in the Manor of Hope’s facility – or as we like to call it, the manor house:

Manor of Hope has been a true blessing.  One positive change that we have seen is that Ben is much more accepting of authority and the leadership of others.  He is more yielding, open, and teachable.

Ben now has a vision for his future, unlike anything he has had in years.

He also is developing a willingness to work hard to make it happen.  He also loves living in community with all of the guys, and forming healthy friendships with them.  He is really grateful and enjoys living at the Manor of Hope.  Believe it or not, he really likes the schedule and is adjusting well to it.  He likes and is thriving under the leadership of Steve, Matt, Jose, and John.  Barbering has given him a way to overcome his former negative circumstances.  He loves his job!

The meals, activities, support. and occasional fun have made Manor of Hope a special place for our son.

-William E.