The differences between sober living houses or halfway houses and therapeutic communities are significant.

Historically, the term half-way house was in reference to a residence or house setup for people recently released from prison; a place to give them time to integrate them back into the general public.

reintegration into society

These houses offered a safe place to learn skills and to adapt to the challenges of reintegration into society.

But now we are finding that many of these halfway houses are serving people in recovery or those who are seeking a supportive place for sober living.

Halfway houses focus on reintegration back into society and teach the fundamentals of becoming a law-abiding and productive citizen.

Basic skills are taught by life coaches or staff members and include job coaching To this end, halfway houses tend to offer more help with job searches, assistance getting to work, financial management, and other life skills needed to survive in today’s society

therapeutic community is focused not only on basic reintegration into society, but more importantly on the emotional aspects of personal growth: intensive therapy to determine the root cause of their disease, development of healthy attitudes and behaviors, and education in healthy and sober living. These skills are taught and reinforced by staff and professional therapists and also by residents within the community.

At The Manor of Hope, we apply a holistic approach to recovery. 

Our goal is to educate, motivate and guide our residents daily. Some of the activities promoting a healthy lifestyle that are incorporated into our program are:

  • Exercise therapy
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • art therapy
  • financial aptitude
  • computer skills
  • job appropriate placement

By completely absorbing our residents in a program of healthy and structured living each and every day, our residents unlearn the behaviors of addiction and learn to live a life substance-free.

View some of the activities the guys at the Manor of Hope participate in