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rehab length of stay

A therapeutic community and a drug or alcohol rehab facility have different philosophies for treatment and as a result, different program lengths.

Drug rehabs focus on physical addiction and offer a very intensive program where the goal is to overcome that physical addiction. 

A therapeutic community offers long-term support with an emphasis on addiction-free living skills with training and support from professional addiction counselors and therapists.

The goal of the therapeutic community (TC) is to help residents overcome their addiction and thrive after they have completed their path to sobriety. 

The TC model offers the social and life skills that are necessary to keep from slipping back to a life of addiction. Habits and patterns are addressed and changed and growth happens in a systematic and long-term program. 

The Manor of Hope has developed a program where residents are taught life skills and through the Building Futures Program, are given opportunities to develop skills for the future.