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Our Addiction Support Program is Comprehensive

The Manor of Hope is a long-term, post-detox addiction support program.
Our world-class therapeutic community features programming designed to build the resilience and habits needed to achieve long-term sobriety. It is one of the few programs in the country to provide such comprehensive care for young men struggling with the disease of addiction.

What leads to our outcomes is a combination of support from the community, high staff to resident ratio, structure, restrictions, programming, and time. 

Our residents receive regular clinical support and mentoring sessions from staff.

As we go into this next year the enrichment programming ramps up. 

Alongside their clinical support, support groups, and therapy, our program will cover these areas: 

  1. Health and wellness (gym regiment, nutrition, meditation, yoga, sports, healthy sleep)
  2. Financial (financial literacy, budgeting, career development)
  3. Healthy diet (kitchen skills, food preparation, diet, shopping)
  4. Arts and Leisure (music, visual arts, woodworking)


Our residents are supervised by highly trained treatment professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s extremely important that your loved one have access to the best and most reliable care around the clock. At the Manor of Hope, our staff are experts in the field of addiction support and are available at any time of the day or night to ensure that he has a constant support system in place. This also gives you and your family the peace of mind that he is in a safe place and well taken care of.

We are a small therapeutic community providing long term addiction support in a family environment.

Many addiction rehabilitation centers strive to admit as many people as possible to “fill” a huge amount of beds. At the Manor of Hope, we have a limited amount of spots and will never exceed that amount, ensuring that each resident is provided optimum amount of care and support. Your loved one will live in a beautifully renovated farmhouse, he will have daily chores help maintain the house and learn how to respect his environment. This means your loved one will be surrounded by expert staff who will provide personal and individualized care at all times. 
Having a high staff to resident ratio is crucial to the success of our program. Every guy here gets the focused attention that he needs to be successful in his recovery. Meet our leadership team here
Family is important! Our residents are each treated with the same respect and given equal support. They live in a family environment and eat meals, exercise, go on weekend adventures and spend time their together. Residents who have been with the Manor of hope for a longer time tend to mentor newer residents and offer their own support for the new guys. We also highly value family participation with our program. Parents and families are invited to events and Holidays and share in their loved ones support.

All meals at the Manor of Hope are included and prepared by our Director of Nutrition, Chef Andrew Deery.

Food has a huge effect on the body and the mind. The Manor of Hope adheres to a strict no-sugar policy. Sugar is highly addictive! Most rehab centers provide low quality, processed foods which can negatively affect mental and physical health.  We are believers in “you are what you eat”!

Chef Andrew Deery (former owner of famed restaurant Majolica in Phoenixville, Pa) has developed a unique Culinary Enrichment Program that supports nutrition and healthy eating for all of the residents. He uses a hands-on approach, giving the guys lessons about how to prepare food, come up with healthy meals and giving them the tools to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy way.
To help prepare our residents for life on their own when they graduate, we teach them how to shop for groceries, make healthy food choices and prepare meals for themselves.
The Manor of Hope has two professional chefs on staff who use fresh ingredients including produce from the Manor’s own organic garden.
Our residents not only helped to create the garden, but they also maintain and care for it during the growing season. The guys are proud of the garden and also reap the benefits from their hard work by eating fabulously prepared, healthy meals that included organic fruit and vegetables.

manor of hope residentWe have taken extreme care in building a top notch, world class program

Our addiction rehabilitation support program focuses on healing through:

  • hard work
  • exercise
  • proper diet
  • 12-step support
  • alternative therapies

We have seen that this produces a well-rounded and multi-approach method of rehabilitation.

Our residents also find spiritual healing through meditation, art therapy and self-examination as well as community based therapy.

Outings to regular events and exciting excursions happen constantly at the Manor of Hope.

Residents enjoy a wide range of events planned weekly and take exciting excursions to regional locations. After all of their hard work, our guys enjoy going to local sports events, playing rounds of golf, kayaking or tubing down a local river, fishing in Ocean City, NJ, zip lining and skiing at Spring Mountain, Ben Franklin Museum trips, Philadelphia Zoo, Great Adventure, Escape Rooms, Eastern State Penitentiary, Arnold’s Amusements,  paintball in Jim Thorpe, Dave and Busters, throwing axes, concerts in the park, white water rafting, Sixers, Phillies, Reading Phillies, and Opening Day at the Eagles or just hanging down at the NJ shore as well as many holiday events. The guys become a large family and gain lasting friendships and support among their peers. You can read more about some of our weekend adventures in our blog!
PARTICIPATION IN LOCAL SPORTS LEAGUES: Our residents are given the opportunity to join local sports leagues.
We have a current softball team (the Bulldogs) who play during the summer. A sense of camaraderie and group pride keeps the guys involved in sports and motivated in future games and tournaments. 

Daily exercise is an integral part of our program.  Along with a healthy diet, physical well-being has a huge impact on recovery.

Gym memberships with professional instruction and a daily physical wellness regimen are provided for all Manor of Hope residents.
Daily exercise is an integral part of The Manor of Hope program.  Along with a healthy diet, physical well-being has a huge impact on recovery. Our residents are taught how to take care of their bodies through a 2-hour daily exercise regime at a local gym. On weekends, we also stress athletic activities such as hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing, canoeing in the Schuylkill River, golfing, zip-lining, bowling, etc.
Our residents quickly learn that regular exercise will make them sleep better, heal their brains, help with anxiety and anger management and boost their self-esteem.

Our Director, Jose Rivera wrote an article on the benefits of exercise and mental health and how it positively affects our young men.

Gym memberships with professional instruction and a daily physical wellness regiment.
Our residents quickly learn that regular exercise will make them sleep better, heal their brains, help with anxiety and anger management and boost their self-esteem.
Read an article on the benefits of exercise and mental health and how it positively affects our young men.

Progress is monitored and rewarded through positive reinforcement.  We have a well designed phase system of milestones and earned privileges.

We have taken extreme care in building a top notch, world class program that includes a well-designed system of milestones that track our resident’s progress and keep their rehabilitation moving forward and in-check. We focus and treat each resident individually, monitoring him as he advances through the program. As goals are met, privileges are earned. This encourages long term growth and focuses on the future. 
We also make it a priority to keep each family up-to-date on their loved one’s progress. Our founder, Steve Killelea personally calls them and keeps in contact throughout their stay. This provides the family with the security of knowing that their loved one is safe and doing well at the Manor!

The body cannot rid itself of drugs within a short amount of time

Manor of Hope is an intensive 12 month program. Most rehabs are only 30 days – not nearly enough time for the body to rid itself of drugs or the dependency.

Researchers agree that an addict cannot be fully rehabilitated without months and months of drug free living and intensive therapy.

Many of our current residents have been in and out of drug rehabs countless times only to relapse. We are a post-detox program which focuses on long term healing of the body and mind.

Family is important! Our residents are each treated with the same respect and support. They live in a family environment and eat meals, exercise, go on weekend adventures and all spend time together. We also involve their parents and families in many of our events.


We provide our residents support with any legal concerns.

A unique element to our comprehensive program includes legal advocacy. Many times a resident will have prior legal issue connected to their addiction including past arrests, litigation, etc. The Manor of Hope is an advocate for its’ residents with legal issues and also helps in the coordination of lawyer visits and court-related appointments as well as providing transportation to those appointments. 

addiction therapyWe provide some of Philadelphia’s best addiction therapists.

We have access to some of the top therapists in the country and take our residents several times per week for individual therapy. We coordinate and and supervise with all of our medical and clinical partners.
The Manor of Hope is a “therapeutic community”, which is a participatory, group based approach to therapy that improves the likelihood of long term recovery. Each of our residents live in a family environment where they support each other’s’ successes. They motivate each other to be strong and encourage each other to take responsibility for themselves. Read our FAQ’s page: What is a therapeutic community?
Manor of Hope residents are part of a community where each person is held accountable to follow the rules and celebrate the wins and support the struggles.

We provide transportation to all resident commitments.

Because each of our residents have different commitments associated with their medical appointments and healthcare as well as legal and other appointments, the Manor of Hope coordinates and provides transportation. A detailed scheduling of appointments is required to maintain all of his daily routines and therapies but to also make sure that these mandatory appointments and visits are met. 


Our young men are trained to learn skills to help them thrive after leaving the Manor of Hope.

Because many of our residents have missed out on basic life skills while under the influence of their addictions, the staff at Manor of Hope provides life skills training to ensure that they will be capable of living on their own once they have completed the program. This includes basic skills like cooking, cleaning and maintaining a living space as well as other crucial skills such as preparing taxes and money management. We help them open their own bank accounts, where they (through the Building Futures Program) deposit their earned income. At the end of their stay at the Manor, they are given full access to their accounts. The money that they’ve saved can be used to buy a car or help with rent or anything else that will help them become productive, addiction-free citizens.
We teach all of our residents to become a valued part of their community once they complete the program. They take part in many local community outreach programs and donate their services and time. 

We have a a dedicated staff member to provide transition services once a resident completes the program.

The transition from an addiction support program into the community can be hard. We have a dedicated staff member available to meet the challenges of this transition. This includes credit repair, financial training and educational counseling in a one-on-one environment.

Once a resident completes the program we provide a graduate house to make his transition seamless.

Within a few miles of the Manor of Hope house in Phoenixville, PA is the new Graduate house. Once a resident is ready to move on from the program he is given the choice of moving in with other recent graduates to this transition house. There is a lot more freedom yet they still have access the staff at the Manor of Hope and many of the support programs in place. Moving in with other residents who have gone through the program and are able to provide support, camaraderie and friendship is extremely beneficial for long-term rehabilitation. All residents have been placed in jobs and are responsible for rent and maintenance of the graduate house, much like any other apartment rental situation with roommates.

If the Manor of Hope isn’t a good fit, we will be glad to help find a program that will work.

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