Bed Race Champions!

The Manor community took home the first ever trophy for fastest bed after defeating 16 other participating teams in the first annual Phoenixville Bed Races.  The event, sponsored by St. Ann’s and its sister charities was one of good fun and cheer for all ages and was presented flawlessly by all the volunteers involved.

The Manor entered two teams: The Magical Horse Tour and The Sandlot. 

constructing the bed decorating beds

sandlot teamfinished bed

Both teams constructed their own beds for the event. The Magical Horse Tour guys all wore glittery unicorn hats and had a great time decorating their bed and the Sandlot team kept with a baseball theme.

The day of the event was brisk and clear and both teams were ready to take the trophy home!

Each one on one heat had its own excitement, and no one will soon forget when those Magical Horses beat a local cross fit team by a nose in the first race!

After whittling down the competition, both of the Manor teams found themselves meeting in the finals.  The crowd erupted when the Mayor of Phoenixville waved the starting flag and two teams were off and running.

In the end Sandlot edged out the Horse Tour and claimed first place for the day.

Good sportsmanship and a lot of congratulations followed the final race.

Read the article about the event in the Mercury newspaper.